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Blue Sewage Pump with Tethered Switch and 10-Ft. Cord

Effortlessly Handle Your Sewage Needs with Little Giant's LG-SEW50T Sewage Pump - 7200 GPH Power and Tethered Switch for Easy Operation!

- Tethered switch: The tethered switch allows for easy operation and control of the pump, making it simple to turn on and off as needed.
- Long cord: With a 10-foot cord, this sewage pump can be easily placed in a variety of locations without the need for additional extension cords, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

The Little Giant LG-SEW50T is a powerful sewage pump that operates on 115 volts and has a 1/2 horsepower motor capable of pumping up to 7200 gallons per hour. The pump is made of durable cast iron and comes with a tethered switch and 10-foot cord for easy installation and operation. The blue color of the pump adds a touch of style to its functionality. With its efficient design and reliable performance, the LG-SEW50T is an ideal choice for residential and commercial sewage pumping applications. Whether you need to pump water from a basement, septic tank, or other location, this pump is up to the task.