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Blue Sewage Pump with Tethered Float Switch - Little Giant 9SC-CIA-RF

Efficiently Tackle Your Sewage Pumping Needs with Little Giant's 9SC-CIA-RF - The Heavy-Duty Solution for 6000 GPH Capacity and Piggyback Tethered Float Switch!

- Piggyback Tethered Float Switch: This pump comes with a piggyback tethered float switch that allows for easy and reliable automatic operation, ensuring that the pump turns on and off as needed.
- Long Cord Length: With a 20-foot cord, this pump provides ample length for installation flexibility, making it easy to install in a variety of settings without the need for additional extension cords.

The Little Giant 9SC-CIA-RF sewage pump is a high-quality, reliable and efficient solution for sewage pumping needs. With a 4/10 HP motor, it can handle up to 6000 gallons per hour, making it ideal for residential or commercial use. The pump is made of durable epoxy-coated cast iron, which ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. The piggyback tethered float switch allows for easy operation and automatic shut-off when the water level reaches a certain point. The 20-ft. cord provides flexibility in installation, and the blue color adds a touch of style to the pump. In summary, the Little Giant 9SC-CIA-RF sewage pump is a top-notch choice for anyone in need of a powerful and dependable sewage pump.